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The Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival will once again look to return to it’s rightful place in the Crystal Coast history books. Once held here in the park for 17 years, the all-day flagship event has recently resurfaced- thanks to town officials and many local businesses (specifically main sponsor-Transportation Impact) . Last August was its first time back since the 90’s, and the temperatures were certainly well above the 90’s. Still, close to 9,000 people showed up to soak up the sun and have some fun. This year, the festival will be pushed back to the last day in September which will hopefully bring some of that perfect fall weather we all know and love. The stage will once again be set up on top of the sand dune at the Western Regional Beach Access (between the Islander Hotel and Queen’s Court) and hopefully they’ll be cranking up the tunes so you can hear it right from the HTP Beach Access. So far, the lineup includes Sammy O’Banion, Too Much Sylvia, Band of Oz, Chairmen of the Board, The Embers, and the Fantastic Shakers. Don’t wait to make your reservations, call us and claim your spot today!

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