HTP Resort Services & Amenities

Here at the Holiday Trav-L-Park Resort, we strive to ensure you and your family have THE BEST oceanfront camping experience possible. All campsites are completely grass and have a picnic table. We cater to every kind of camper by offering:

  • Full-Hookup Sites for RVs– (up to 50 feet)
  • Water & Electric Sites for RVs – (up to 30 feet)
  • Water & Electric Sites for Tents (one 6 to 8 person tent)

Our oceanfront camping resort is located in beautiful Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Our amenities include: Three direct beach accesses, two of which are handicap accessible; a snack and drink bar on the beach (open from Memorial Day to Labor Day); a swimming pool & splash pad; super clean bathhouses; a go-kart track; bands every weekend; misc. activities throughout the year; and much more! The Holiday Trav-L-Park Resort has been rated one of the best RV resorts for camping throughout the USA due to our ability to provide security, friendliness and cleanliness.

View all of our services and amenities below. The ($) symbol indicates that there is an additional cost for those items.

Reservations for Specific Sites

When making your reservation, we will find the best-fit site for your RV and the dates you specify. We reserve for specific sites with a required $250 deposit, not to exceed the amount of your stay, on a credit/debit card.

Although it rarely happens, keep in mind that we do reserve the right to change your site at anytime.

Direct Escort to Campsite

After checking in at our Resort Office, our friendly staff will escort you to your campsite and answer any questions that you may have. Please make sure to let our staff know if it’s your first time pulling or driving your RV!

Trash Pick-Up
  • Trash & Garbage Disposal Rules:

    • Please leave your trash beside the road at your campsite for our road-side pickup. Trash will be picked up twice daily, typically around 11:30am and 5:30pm. Times can vary depending on the time of year. Do not leave trash outside after 5:00pm!
    • Do not leave doggy bags out for our roadside garbage pickup. Dispose of these bags at the appropriate doggy bag stations.
    • We are not responsible for disposing of anything other than common RV and campsite garbage. We will NOT pick up couches, mattresses, tables & chairs, grills, umbrellas, tent & canopy frames, paint cans, appliances large or small, bicycles, etc. There is a $50 fine for any prohibited items that are left on a campsite.
      • Dispose of these items at the county dump: Solid Waste & Recycling, Highway 58/West Fire Tower Road, Peletier NC 28584.
Emerald Isle Bike Path

The Town of Emerald Isle has developed over 20 miles of bike paths that connects you to all of the shopping, entertainment, and dining areas on Emerald Drive! This is the prefect way to get around the Island for those of you looking to explore.

Squeaky Clean & Modern Restrooms

We have 3 sets of bathhouses in the Resort: 1) next to the Pool; 2) in the Blue Section; 3) in the Red Section. We keep them locked at all times in an effort to keep them safe and clean.

You can obtain a bathhouse key with a $5 cash/card deposit in the Resort Office and it will be refunded upon return.

Cable TV

Our cable is Digital so you are able to chose from around 60+ channels. Please bring your own Coaxial Cable if you plan on using cable. If you do not have one, they are sold in the Resort Office. If you have issues with you cable TV after arriving on your site, please do the following (2) things:

  • Turn your antenna booster off and/or satellite switch off and make sure you have switched it to Cable TV.
  • Do a channel re-scan on each of your TVs to program it to our channel line-up.

If the above (2) steps do not work and you are still not getting a connection, please call the front office at 252-354-2250 and we will send someone down to take a look at your setup.

Free WiFi

With 1000+ devices at any given time, our WiFi network will not run like a personal, home network. WiFi connections are not always reliable in a campground environment. Due to the capacity of our WiFi, please keep the following things in mind when planning your stay with us:

  • We cannot guarantee 100% WiFi coverage at any point in time and at every location throughout the resort.
  • There is no charge for WiFi, so no credit will be given to you if it is unavailable.
  • Our WiFi is not designed for streaming video, downloading documents, pictures, videos etc.

Please take this information in consideration when finalizing your reservation(s).

Swimming Pool

Our 70 foot long swimming pool is located right next to our Resort Office:

  • Pool hours vary depending on the time of year and are posted on the pool gates and on our phone app.
  • Swim at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children. If your child has to use the bathroom, do not wait! If an accident happens in the pool, we will have to shut it down for cleaning and it will ruin everyone’s fun.
  • No pets allowed in the pool area.
  • No food or drinks in the pool area.
  • Smoking and vaping is prohibited inside the pool area.
  • Glass is prohibited inside the pool area.
Live Bands & Music

Check out our Activity Schedule to see when all the different bands will be here! We’ve got an awesome line up for 2023 so don’t miss out! All live music will be at the Stage area of the resort. All concerts/events are for Resort guests only, they are not open to the public.

Laundry Facility ($)

Washing machines, dryers, a coin machine and a folding station are located in the Red Section Bathhouse. These are high efficiency machines so please use very little detergent – if you add too much detergent these machines will lock up and run continuously until all suds are gone. All machines are coin operated.

$1.00 per 10min to Dry

$6 per Wash

Wine Market & Store ($)

The Emerald Isle Wine Market is the best place on the Crystal Coast to find fine wine, craft beer and unique specialty foods. Make sure to come by to grab a few odds and ends while you’re visiting with us. We hold weekly wine and beer tastings here too – don’t miss out!

Go-Kart Track ($)

The Go-Kart Track is located directly across from the entrance to the resort. There are single, double, and kid’s karts! You must be 56” (single/double) and 48” (kid kart) to drive. Prices varies for the type of rider/kart.

Propane Refills ($)

We can refill LP Gas Tanks for both our guests and the public. Stop by the Resort Office to pay and we’ll send a staff member over to assist you. Please Note: Motorhomes with non-removable tanks must pull into the fill area. Price varies depending on the size of your tank.