Boat, Golf Cart, and RV Storage Info

We offer convenient, on-site boat, golf cart and RV storage for anyone! Please keep in mind that the storage rates below include BOTH STORING AND MOVING YOUR RV ON AND OFF SITE. You are responsible for moving your boat and/or golf cart on and off site.

Before placing your boat, golf cart, or RV in storage, you must fill out an up-to-date Holiday Trav-L-Park Storage Agreement. Please read and review this document carefully before signing!

After signing the agreement, you will pay for the specified time and will be given a four-digit RV storage number. This RV storage sticker should be placed on the front right side or on the hitch of your RV so that it is easily visible to HTP Staff. If your sticker is peeling, worn and/or difficult to read, PLEASE stop by the office to get a new one. On the day of your reservation, our staff will pull and level your RV storage unit onto your reserved site so that it’s waiting for you when you arrive! You will be responsible for the water, electric and sewer hookups.

WINTER STORAGE MONTHS – We will “winterize” your RV storage unit upon request. Look for your letter in November. There is a base fee of $75.00 plus charges on gallons of antifreeze used. There is absolutely NO THIRD PARTY WINTERIZING.

Camper, RV & Boat Storage Rates

Daily Rate – $10.00 per day


January, February & March – $75.00 per month

April & May – $100.00 per month

June, July & August – $140.00 per month

September & October – $100.00 per month

November & December – $75.00 per month


*Pro-Rating is available for units that are in storage for a month or more.

Golf Cart Storage Rates

Monthly Storage – $30.00

Storage Rates Disclaimer: You are responsible for moving your golf cart, boat and/or trailer on and off site and damages, if any, while in storage. Prices are subject to change without notice. No refunds will be given due to weather related issues (unless there is a mandatory evacuation of the island). No discounts.