/ 04.03.2017

New 9 Hole Frisbee Golf Course Open!

The town of Emerald Isle has just opened a new 9 Hole Disc Golf Course! The course is located in Emerald Isle Woods Park, which is just a short 5-10 minute walk or bike ride from our campground. A team of volunteers designed and cleared out the land in a process of a few months and it looks great! There’s still a few piles to clean up, but it’s totally playable. See the course map/scorecard below for the Par on each hole. There are some big hills, and small stumps that can easily stub a toe, so be sure to wear the right footwear. Please be courteous to other players, and to the people that live close by. Keep noise down, pick up after your pets, and throw your trash away/recycle your bottles.  Aside from the Frisbee golf, there are a couple of great walking trails, picnic areas, and a sound-side dock with kayak launch throughout the park. The town also recently installed a First-Come, First-Serve kayak holding rack. Probably not a bad idea to bring some type of locking device. There are still a few spots left, so be sure to get on it if you’re seasonal!

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